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July 27, 2009
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Typographic Space Face by soopernoodles Typographic Space Face by soopernoodles
I'm trying to get back in to the digital swing of things, but haven't really attempted anything from scratch in a while, so thought trying a tutorial or two first would help me get back on track.

Now, I tried looking for a different face stock, but the search for one was taking too long as I couldn't find any with decent lighting/shadows... so I was getting fed up before I'd begun, which is never a good thing! So as you can see, I eventually just decided to stick with the one provided in the tut itself.

I'm hoping to give the tutorial another go at some point, but obviously using other images etc so it doesn't look so similar to the original tut result (unlike the one above).

Many thanks to Katro16 for providing the tutorial and links to the resources!!

Tutorial - [link]
Face Image - [link]
Fireworks Image - [link]
Letters Brush - [link]

P.S I suck at text :p
ZeMage34 Jul 24, 2012  Student Digital Artist, speechless
soopernoodles Jul 29, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Aha I dunnooo... you called me a Photoshop love guru, so I think that would mean I've been involved in sexual "stuff" with PS and am therefore a pro at it and help/teach/guide others to also become a pro Photoshop lover :XD:
But yeah, I know what you meant really dude and I appreciate your comment :)
You're not bad at Photoshop though! I remember when I first came to SGD not knowing a thing about PS and I saw your stuff and hoped to be able to make similar creations some day :D
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